Dunk Tank
Dunk Tank

Don’t let your next party go without dunking your best friend or worst enemy. Take aim, throw the balls at the target and hit the bulls eye to watch them fall into the water.
Tank requires 45 minutes to fill and 15 minutes to empty.

Pop A Shot Basketball
Pop A Shot Basketball

Kids, teens and adults love this arcade classic. This electronic basketball attraction allows 1 or 2 players to compete for the high score while being timed on the electronic scoreboard. Hand out prizes for high score or just play for fun!

Spin Art
Spin Art

Recreate the boardwalk classic at your next function. Double tub so two can play at a time. Pictures are created by dripping paint onto spinning card. Creates a one of a kind design you can take with you.

  • Comes with cards, frames, and paint
  • Colors include blue, yellow, red, and purple
  • Makes a great party favor
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Maker

Complete the carnival experience by bringing cotton candy to your next party or picnic. Where ever your party might be the kids will love to make their own authentic cotton candy. A true favorite!

  • Comes with cart, bubble gum and cherry flavors and 100 cones
  • Kids can make the cotton candy themselves
  • Adult supervision required
Sno Cones
Sno Cone Maker

Cool off on those hot summer days with a sno cone maker. Another kid favorite that helps keep the kids cool after a round on one of our inflatables. Sure to please the adults too.

  • Supplied with table, bright colored tablecloth, sno-cone machine, ice bucket, ice pick, scoops, and cones
  • Flavors include orange, cherry, blue raspberry, and lime.
Pop Corn Maker
Pop Corn Maker

Fresh popped popcorn will permeate the air at your next event. Another boardwalk favorite right in your backyard.

  • Supplied with table, bright colored tablecloth and popcorn machine
  • Kernels, butter, oil, and popcorn boxes also included
Hot Dog Cart
Hot Dog Cart

Our hot dog cart will keep everyone at the party satisfied. Takes the fuss out of feeding the guests at your next event or party.

  • Supplied with table and bright colored tablecloth
  • Hot dogs, rolls, mustard, and relish included
  • Holds up to 50 hot dogs and has 2 compartments for toppings
Pop a Pimple Ring Toss Can Smash Potty Toss Hockey Troll Toss Troll Toss Troll Toss
Carnival and Boardwalk Games

Choose from an assortment of classic carnival and boardwalk games that will be sure to turn your next birthday party onto a huge success.

  • Potty Toss
  • Can Smash
  • Ring Toss
  • No Brain Baseball
  • Putt and Win
  • Pop a Pimple
  • Troll Toss
  • Hockey

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